The Right Choices for Storing Your Bicycle

Although it would seem that the more bikes, the more luck, in practice it often turns out that saving a little space so that the bike can be safely stored, and not reducing the usable area of our apartment, is a big challenge. Especially if we live in a city and we can’t afford to save more space just to keep sports equipment there.

Storing in the right Place

Fortunately, all those who cannot imagine storing their bicycle outside a secure apartment (or house) are helped by producers of all sorts of bike holders, stands and mounts. Nowadays, we can easily find solutions that fit virtually any type of bike and even the smallest space. The use for the  indoor bicycle racks come perfect now.

Safety first

Of course, the mere convenience of storing a bike, its proper attachment and saving space are very important aspects of this topic, but probably the most important for all fans of two wheels is the safety of the bike. That is why in our guide we will focus on the safe storage of a bicycle in the apartment and house, or some of the solutions we recommend can be used in the garage. However, we will not talk about storing bicycles on balconies, staircases or block storage rooms.

Unfortunately, life teaches that a safe bike can only really be where no one but the owner can get freely. Freely, i.e. not on the way of breaking into an apartment or house. Unfortunately, all open spaces such as staircases, basements and wheelchairs are a risky topic. It is too easy to locate the bike there and then use it to steal it, e.g. using night hours.

Wall, ceiling or floor?

Basically, the bike storage solutions available on the market could be divided into those that are functional, those that are … nice, but fortunately also those that try to combine both these features. After all, many of us treat our bicycle as a small work of art and want to not only store it safely, but also have permanent access to it, and even display it on the wall.