Skirting Boards: Why are they so important?

You may consider installing skirting boards, if you don’t have them, if you are looking to redecorate your home. Flooring or baseboards as they are known in America are panels made from wood that are attached to a wall right at the floor. They can be made from any type of wood moulding.

When redecorating, why should skirting boards be included? There are many reasons to have baseboards installed in your home. However, the most important reasons are the following: they can protect your walls, conceal unsightly wires, and can give any room a unique style.

Skirting boards for protection oak skirting of your walls

Certain furniture such as armoires and shelves must be placed against the wall. You should not allow furniture to scratch your walls.

Your walls will become unevenly colored over time, as the furniture pieces that are not covering your wall space will wear away. All of these issues can be annoying if you are looking to change or rearrange your furniture. Also, your wallpaper may need to be replaced or repainted.

Flooring can be used to replace or rearrange furniture. This is because your furniture will not be completely against the wall. The baseboards will allow for a gap between your furniture and the wall.

Skirting boards conceal unsightly wires

Other than dirt, dust, and marks of disrepair that can be seen on a house’s walls, wires hanging off the wall and snaking across the floor are the most unsightly. Instead of letting the wiring from your home hang out, you can hide them behind baseboards.

If you are skilled and patient enough to carpentry you can create baseboards with room for wirings. You can also purchase baseboards with all the wiring components you need.

Skirting boards give character to a space

The most important function of baseboards, aside from their utility, is to add character and style to any room. Baseboards painted in a different colour to the walls can draw your attention to details and wall decorations. Baseboards are also able to have intricate carvings and mouldings, which can act as decorative elements of the room.

Skirting boards serve many purposes. They can be decorative or protective for walls. If you are looking to redecorate your house you should consider adding flooring.