Most Watched Telugu Movie by South Indian People

Many industries are there in our country India. But Tollywood is the industry most popular these days. This industry has not seen many downfalls in its career. Also, it has now reached a state where it is demanded the most. The dedication and efforts of the crew members have created a special place in the fan’s heart. Also, the discipline and strategy with which they work have made them reach the top. The content, acting, casting, background music, and the will to do something unique are all needed. People in the South love their industry and appreciate the efforts which they put. Among all these, when we talk about the most-watched film by people, we can talk about the movie Bhanumati and Ramakrishna. You can check many movies online on aha app.

Bhanumati and Ramakrishna is an Indian-Telugu language romantic drama film. This was released on the 3rd of July 2020. SrikanthNagothi is the director and writer of this film. And YashwanthMulukutla is the producer of the film. Also, Shravan Bharadwaj is the music director. Sai Prakash and Ummadisingu handle the cinematography part very well. The lead cast of the movie includes Naveen Chandra as Ramakrishna and SalonyLuthra as Bhanumathi. All age groups loved the film because it is a sweet romantic movie. The film’s duration was not much longer and is of running time of 93 minutes. The movie has songs that are a treat to the ears.

The Indian concept of getting married before the age of 30s is the theme of the film. The peer pressure of getting married early frustrates a person and causes mental stress. The emotions of a person getting married a bit late are shown in the film. Bhanumathi meets Ramakrishna after a breakup with Ram and falls in love with him. However, Ramakrishna was a small-town boy and did not speak English well. Bhanumathi is a young and well-educated girl. The story revolves around how love happens between the two. The whole movie is based on the theme Opposite attracts. Bhanumathiand Ramakrishna are awesome characters in the film. They show the reality of the world with their actions.

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