Getting Refunds From Ticket Sellers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the event ticketing industry really hard. Since all of the large events are getting postponed due to the pandemic, people are looking for refunds for the tickets that they bought.

While some large event ticketing providers have made some adjustments for refunding the tickets, while others are still trying to work out some way to minimize the loss they will suffer from while still refunding the tickets.

But you still need the refund, right? Well, here is how you can get the refund for your event tickets.

Primary Seller

If you have bought ticket from a primary seller and the event has been cancelled, postponed or relocated, you can get a refund for at least the face value of the ticket. If the face value was decreased by the seller, you will get the refund equal to the reduced face value of the ticket.

If the event has only been rescheduled and not cancelled, the ticket is still valid. However, if you can not make the rescheduled date, you can get full refund for the ticket.

For the cancelled events, the ticket seller is bound to give you a full refund. The face value of the ticket will be refunded on event cancellation.

But getting refunded for extra expenses like hotel bookings might not be possible.

Secondary Ticket Sellers

Getting refunds from a secondary ticket seller is not as easy as getting them from a primary seller.

However, there are still ways to get your ticket refunded if you bought it from an unauthorized site.

Here are some issues people report facing when they are buying tickets from secondary ticket seller websites.

  • Not getting the tickets (fraud).
  • The received ticket is different from what the buyer considered it to be.
  • Buyers are mislead and are made to believe that they are buying from a primary seller.

However, these problems are be resolved by complaining to the ticketing website, contacting your bank, or heading to a small claims court. You can also read a post on the NYU blog to get more information on this topic.